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User-friendly chatbot generates/refines content.
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Magai is an AI-powered content creation tool designed for content creators. It offers a new generation of AI tools with a ChatGPT+ GPT-4 interface that assists users in generating and refining content effectively.

The tool offers features such as chat folders, saved prompts, document collaboration, and AI image tools. Magai's chat interface is powered by GPT-4, allowing users to generate content seamlessly.

The tool's AI chat personas provide users with the best possible results for their content. Magai can also read URLs in real-time, making it easier for users to relay URL contents to ChatGPT.

With Magai, users can keep their conversations organized and separate them based on work, personal, or side-hustle. Magai has several pricing plans, ranging from Personal, Professional, Agency, Enterprise to Enterprise Plus.

Users can enjoy a free trial of the tool and a 100% no-risk money back guarantee. Users can access Magai via a web app, with an easy-to-use and user-friendly interface.

Magai has received great reviews from industry leaders for unlocking potential through its chat personas, guided post generator, and a suite of AI-powered tools.

Magai was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 7th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


ChatGPT+ GPT-4 interface
Chat folders feature
Saved prompts function
Document collaboration function
Real-time reading of URLs
Multiple pricing plans
100% no-risk money back guarantee
Web-based application
Highly rated by industry leaders
Chat personas enhance results
Separate conversations by type
Option to edit ChatGPT responses
Includes image background remover
Image background replacer tool
Option for creating multiple brands
Tool to upscale images
Offers a free trial
100% Uptime
One-click saved prompts
Full conversation history control
Just one app for diverse solutions
Side-by-side document collaboration
Separate work, personal, and side-hustle
Integrated image generator
Ability to edit ChatGPT's responses


Limited to web app
Dependent on GPT-4 availability
Limited word count tiers
Frequent updates required
No document export options
Lacks custom Persona creation
Limited brands per plan
Free trial has word limit


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Is there a free trial for Magai?
How do I access Magai?
What is the ChatGPT+ GPT-4 interface?
Is there a document collaboration feature in Magai?
How does Magai organise chat folders?
What are the AI image tools offered by Magai?
Is there a money back guarantee for Magai?
How has the industry responded to Magai?
Does Magai have an editor for image tools?
How many brands can I have in my account depending on my pricing plan?
If I choose to, can I edit the responses from ChatGPT on Magai?
How does the Document Collaboration feature in Magai work?
What is the Saved Prompts feature of Magai?

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