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Podsum is a web app that curates a collection of podcast episodes on various topics like AI, politics, and culture. The app appears to use the Facebook create-react-app framework that is written using Javascript.

Users can search and explore for specific content that interests them, and the app provides content from popular podcasts like The Daily, Making Sense, and Conversations with Tyler, covering a vast range of topics like ethics in the US Supreme Court, neuroscience, the history of Denmark, and navigating financial conversations with family.

The app does not offer any proprietary content, and all the content is sourced from established podcasts and is likely to be familiar to many listeners.

The podcasts available are focused on enriching the listener's understanding of diverse topics through the perspectives of experts and guests. The app is relatively simple to use and presents topics in an organized and user-friendly manner.

Since it does not produce any original content, the availability of content on the app might depend on external factors like the release schedule and popularity of different podcasts.

Overall, the app appears useful for people interested in exploring podcasts on various topics.

Podsum was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 9th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Web App
Uses Facebook create-react-app
Easy to explore
User-friendly interface
No proprietary content
Covers vast range of topics
Established podcast content
Organized presentation
Curated podcast discovery
Content from popular podcasts


Content-dependent on external sources
No proprietary content
Relies on Javascript
Limited topic range
Doesn't produce original content
No offline availability
No transcript for podcasts
Potential licensing issues
No user ratings/reviews
Limited search filter options


What is Podsum?
How does Podsum work?
What topics does Podsum cover?
What podcasts are available on Podsum?
Does Podsum produce any original content?
How user-friendly is the Podsum app?
Is the availability of content on Podsum reliable?
Who would find the Podsum app useful?
What popular podcasts can be found on Podsum?
Does Podsum use AI technology?
Does Podsum cover financial conversations on their platform?
Where does Podsum source its content from?
Does Podsum cover content on neuroscience and other science topics?
What social media platforms is Podsum present on?
What technology is used to build Podsum?
Does Podsum cover any cultural or political topics?
Is the content on Podsum curated or randomly featured?
Is the content on Podsum updated daily?
Can users search for specific content on Podsum?
Can Podsum work without enabling JavaScript?


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