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Product management assistant, streamlining processes.
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Product Wingman is an AI assistant designed to assist Product Managers, Product Owners, and Business Analysts during the entire product lifecycle. It offers a range of features to enhance efficiency and creativity.

The tool can be accessed conveniently through a Chrome plugin. Product Wingman aims to accelerate career growth in the competitive field of product management, providing support for idea generation and streamlining the research process.

It also helps reduce the time spent on writing epics, stories, and status reports during the product building phase. Additionally, the tool enables the creation of go-to-market strategies for products.By utilizing Product Wingman, users can streamline their overall product management work, allowing them to focus on delivering maximum value.

Testimonials from satisfied clients have showcased positive feedback and highlighted time-saving benefits. The tool has seen a growing number of users each day.Product Wingman caters specifically to Product Managers, Product Owners, and Business Analysts.

It offers a complete product lifecycle experience and can be tried for free. As the world's first AI assistant for Product Managers, it provides the necessary assistance to confidently navigate the responsibilities of these roles.For further information, interested parties can contact @Simon_v100 on Twitter.

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