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Platform for ideation and market analysis.

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Revive is an AI-powered tool that helps entrepreneurs and business owners visualize, validate, and develop their business ideas. It offers a platform to explore and share business ideas with the community, and provides the tools to analyze potential markets, pricing, competition, and customer profiles.

Additionally, Revive provides a Market Analysis feature that allows users to generate instant reports that include market trends, SWOT analysis, competition and customer analysis, starting at just £3.00.

Revive also provides a free ideation platform to help users transform their ideas into reality. With Revive, it is easy to create a well-thought-out and compelling business plan.

The platform allows users to customize the look and feel of the business plan, including its name and description. Revive also provides a secure platform to share the business plan with the community and receive valuable feedback, or to keep it entirely private.

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Pros and Cons


Visualize business ideas
Validate business concepts
Develop business plans
Explore idea sharing
Analyze potential markets
Analyze pricing strategies
Analyze competition
Customer profile analysis
Instant report generation
Market trends tracking
SWOT analysis
Competitive customer analysis
Affordable market analysis
Free ideation platform
Business plan customization
Secure plan sharing
Private plan option
Community feedback channels
Community validation
Ideas transformation support
Business plan aesthetic customization
Instant market analysis
Pro version available


No API provided
No mobile application
Limited customizability
Paid market analysis
No offline functionality
Limited to English
No integration with social networks
No collaborative features
Requires active internet connection
Unclear reporting templates


What is Revive?
How does Revive help entrepreneurs develop their ideas?
Can I share and discuss my business ideas with the Revive community?
What are the features of the Market Analysis tool in Revive?
How does Revive work?
How much does the Market Analysis report cost in Revive?
How can Revive help in generating a business plan?
Does Revive allow customisation of business plans?
Can business plans created on Revive be shared for feedback?
Is my business idea secure with Revive?
Can I keep my business ideas private on Revive?
What role does AI play in Revive?
Does Revive offer any free tools or features?
What kind of reports can be generated using Revive?
How does Revive validate business ideas?
Can Revive help me understand market trends and competition?
What is Revive's pricing structure?
What is included in the Revive Pro plan?
Do I have control over the privacy and sharing of my business plans on Revive?
How can Revive help me visualize my business idea?

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