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TARS is an AI-powered screenshot app for iOS that provides a smart and convenient screenshot experience. It offers the feature of self-organizing boards, automatically categorizing screenshots from various apps including Instagram, X, iMessage, and Maps.

The app also includes an auto-crop functionality that eliminates repetitive blank and insignificant areas from the screenshots, enhancing their visual appeal.TARS further enhances the user experience by automatically scaling and beautifying screenshots, ensuring they are visually appealing.

It also offers a unique smart linking feature that converts ordinary book page photos taken with the camera into stylish highlights and automatically links them to the corresponding book covers, providing users with a convenient way to navigate through related content.The app includes a deep search capability, enabling users to search for specific details within the screenshots.

This feature may prove valuable for quickly finding relevant information within a large collection of screenshots.A notable aspect of TARS is its focus on privacy.

The app employs on-device LLM AI, which ensures privacy by default, safeguarding user data. Additionally, it provides links to its privacy and terms pages to further inform users about their data protection practices.Overall, TARS offers a comprehensive set of AI-powered features that streamline the organization, beautification, and search of screenshots on iOS devices.

TARS was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 10th 2023.
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