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Easy Twitter autoposting with Python, no experience needed.
GPT welcome message: Pythonで自動投稿に興味はありますか?こちらでサポートします!
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X is a GPT developed as an assistive tool for users keen on automating posts on Twitter using Python, even for those who do not have prior experience in Python.

This tool serves users by guiding them on easy methods to operate and run an automatic Twitter posting bot using Python. More specifically, X offers support to users on the process of automating content upload on Twitter through Python scripts.

The GPT caters to users of various levels, including beginners who need step-by-step tutorials for setting up their automatic Twitter posting bot. One of the key features of X is its prompt starters that provide a set of guidelines and suggested Python code structures, addressing different scenarios for Twitter content automation, such as posting under specific conditions.

Given that this tool requires ChatGPT Plus as per its metadata, it can be inferred that X functions as an additional layer over the basic ChatGPT model, enriching its ability to assist with Python tasks specifically related to Twitter content automation.


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X (Twitter) was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 7th 2024.
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