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ChatGPT Sugar is a browser extension aimed to enhance the user experience with the ChatGPT tool by introducing a set of additional features and insights.

These are subtly integrated into the ChatGPT interface, creating a seamless user experience without interruption. The extension is open-source, allowing for viewing and modification of its source code, which can be found on GitHub.

Designed to respect user privacy, ChatGPT Sugar does not store or have access to any personal data, but processes all data locally on the user's device.

Although it enriches the ChatGPT experience, a ChatGPT account is necessary to avail of the ChatGPT Sugar's features. The extension is also ad-free, ensuring an uninterrupted, clean interface for its users.

It is easy to install, with versions available for both Chrome and Firefox browsers.


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ChatGPT Sugar was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 25th 2024.

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Pros and Cons


Local data processing
Chrome compatible
Firefox compatible
Seamless integration
Respects user privacy
Additional features
Enhanced user experience
Source code modifiable
ChatGPT account integration
Easy installation
No data storage
Subtle feature integration
Interface with ChatGPT
Clean interface
GitHub accessible
Unique toolset
User experience focus
Clean UI
Complements ChatGPT tool


Requires ChatGPT account
Limited browser compatibility
Local data processing only
No standalone functionality
No personal data storage
Potential security vulnerabilities
Dependent on chat's active session
Technical skills for source modification


What is ChatGPT Sugar?
How does ChatGPT Sugar enhance the ChatGPT tool experience?
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Does ChatGPT Sugar store any of my personal data?
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Are there any ads in ChatGPT Sugar?
How do I install ChatGPT Sugar on Chrome?
How do I install ChatGPT Sugar on Firefox?
Besides being free, what other benefits does the ChatGPT Sugar ad-free feature offer?
How does ChatGPT Sugar ensure user privacy?
Is it possible to modify the source code of ChatGPT Sugar?
Is ChatGPT Sugar compatible with all browsers?
Where can I find the source code of ChatGPT Sugar on GitHub?
Why does ChatGPT Sugar process data locally on my device?
What unique features does ChatGPT Sugar introduce?
How does ChatGPT Sugar integrate with the ChatGPT interface?
Does ChatGPT Sugar require any permissions to install?
What does the user interface of ChatGPT Sugar look like?
Why is ChatGPT Sugar designed as a browser extension?
How frequently is ChatGPT Sugar updated on GitHub?

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