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AI-powered screen reader empowering the visually impaired.
Generated by ChatGPT

Typeahead is an AI-powered screen reader designed for Mac. It utilizes an advanced model based on ChatGPT to assist blind and visually impaired users in navigating desktop and web applications.

Focused on simplicity, Typeahead requires instructions in plain English and can be activated with a hotkey. A standout feature of this tool is its 'Teach by example' function, which allows users to record tasks for Typeahead to learn and later replay.

To ensure user privacy, it offers an offline mode, that uses open-source AI models to process sensitive data. Typeahead is proficient in performing a variety of tasks including clicking on buttons, typing into text fields, opening menus, saving and attaching invoices as PDFs, and scheduling meetings on Google Calendar.

It provides adequate narrations alongside these operations. Currently exclusive to MacOS, it is capable of integrating with any desktop application or website, and can also be used collaboratively with VoiceOver for automation tasks.

This tool is designed as a guide to assist visually impaired users in day-to-day computer-related functions and to address the limitations of traditional screen readers.

The key distinction is that while traditional screen readers simply describe interactable elements, Typeahead harnesses AI to determine the optimal interaction method with the elements on screen.

Typeahead was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 12th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Designed for Mac
ChatGPT-based model
Instructions in plain English
Activated with hotkey
Teach by example function
Offline mode for privacy
Handles sensitive data
Proficient in varied tasks
Adequate narration
Integrates with any app
Collaborative use with VoiceOver
Addresses screen reader limitations
Decides optimal interaction method
Empowers visually impaired users
Navigates desktop and web apps
User-friendly simplicity
Manages settings in CMS
Schedules meetings on Google Calendar
Exports and sends invoices
Capable of button clicks
Types into text fields
Opens menus


MacOS exclusive
Requires plain English instructions
Potential learning curve ('Teach by example')
Narrations might be inadequate
Possibly complex integration with desktop applications
Collaboration with VoiceOver potentially difficult
Complete offline mode not clarified
No mentioned app or website compatibility list
No accessibility for non-English speakers
Data privacy in online mode uncertain


What is Typeahead?
How does Typeahead use AI to assist visually impaired users?
How do you use the 'Teach by example' function in Typeahead?
What does it mean that Typeahead uses instructions in plain English?
Does Typeahead offer a privacy mode?
Can Typeahead be used offline?
In what kind of tasks is Typeahead proficient?
Can Typeahead schedule meetings on Google Calendar?
Is Typeahead currently exclusive to MacOS?
Can Typeahead integrate with any desktop application or website?
Can Typeahead be used collaboratively with VoiceOver?
What is the difference between Typeahead and traditional screen readers?
How does Typeahead determine the optimal interaction method with elements on screen?
Is Typeahead suitable for all visually impaired users?
Can Typeahead navigate both desktop and web applications?
How easy is it to learn to use Typeahead?
Can Typeahead realistically be used by visually impaired users to navigate non-accessibility-friendly websites?
Does Typeahead narrate steps it carries out?
Can Typeahead manage settings in a CMS?
Can Typeahead save an invoice as a PDF and attach it to an email?

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