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Your daily companion for precise zodiac analysis and personalized forecasts.
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Sample prompts:
What's my horoscope for today?
How compatible am I with a Leo?
What are the traits of a Virgo?
Can you tell me about the current planetary alignments?
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Horoscope Guide is a GPT that aims to deliver daily astrological insights and personalized horoscope forecasts to its users, based on their zodiac signs.

This GPT helps users understand the complexities of the zodiac, and how it may potentially influence their lifestyle, relationships, health, and career choices.

Its main function is to provide a clear and precise astrological analysis, hence giving users a means to potentially learn more about their astrological destiny, and perhaps even guide their decision-making process.

Prompt starters for Horoscope Guide are designed to provide users with various options such as daily horoscope readings, relationship compatibility tests with specific zodiac signs, and personalized interpretation of current planetary alignments.

This transforms it into a 'daily companion' for those who wish to explore and understand astrology on a deeper level. It appears to be catered to both long-time astrology enthusiasts and those new to this domain, making it a versatile tool for diverse users.

Please note, using Horoscope Guide requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription.


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Horoscope Guide was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 7th 2024.
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