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User feedback for product development in real-time.
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Validly is a toolkit for product teams to help them run continuous user interviews, validate ideas and know what to build next. It allows product teams to move faster than traditional research projects, speeding up product discovery.

The toolkit includes features such as automated recruitment and scheduling, discussion guides, and AI-powered insights. Validly helps to reduce uncertainty by providing real-time feedback and insights from users that can help inform the product team’s decisions.

The toolkit also includes Ask by Validly, a feature that allows product teams to ask questions about their users and receive instant responses. Validly is free to use, and is already being used by more than 80 product teams.

With Validly, product teams can gain a deeper understanding of their users, allowing them to make more informed decisions and move faster.


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Pros and Cons


Continuous user interviews
Faster than traditional research
Automated recruitment and scheduling
Real-time feedback
Free to use
Used by 80+ product teams
Deeper user understanding
Lean continuous discovery
Ask by Validly feature
Instant responses to questions
Reduced uncertainty
Validates product ideas
Speeds up product discovery
Automatically transcribe recorded sessions
Timely notifications and reminders
Allows agile delivery cycles
Generates discussion guides
Starts video interviews
Helps know what to build next
Syncs interviews with agile cycles
Faster product discovery
Auto-generating interview guides
Solves critical business problems


No API integration
Potential privacy issues
No multi-language support
Limited customization
No offline function
May overlook nuanced insights
No version control
Exclusively focuses on user interviews
Doesn't support cross-platform usage


What is Validly?
How does Ask by Validly work?
What are the main features of Validly?
Is Validly free to use?
How can Validly speed up product discovery?
What is the aim of the automated recruitment feature in Validly?
How does Validly help in running user interviews?
How do I set up a user interview using Validly?
Can I receive real-time feedback from users using Validly?
How does Validly help product teams to reduce uncertainty?
Can Validly help me generate better discussion guides?
How does the AI-powered insights feature work in Validly?
What is the time difference in gaining insights through Validly as compared to traditional research projects?
How does Validly help in validating ideas for product development?
How does Ask by Validly help in getting instant responses from users?
What is the process to automatically transcribe recorded sessions using Validly?
Can Validly provide me with insights based on the questions I ask?
How can Validly assist in syncing user interviews with agile delivery cycles?
How does Validly ensure continuous discovery?
What is the benefit of using Validly over traditional user interview methods?

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