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Efficient text transformation for productivity boost.
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BrowserGPT is a Chrome extension that brings the functionality of ChatGPT directly to your browser. With this extension, users can seamlessly access ChatGPT without the need to switch tabs.

The main feature of BrowserGPT is its ability to read and summarize the content you are currently viewing in your browser. This allows users to quickly gather key information and understand the main points of an article or webpage.In addition to reading and summarizing, BrowserGPT also enables users to compose various types of text, such as emails and blog posts.

This functionality can be particularly useful for those who heavily rely on writing and need assistance with generating content quickly and efficiently.By integrating ChatGPT into the browser, BrowserGPT offers a convenient solution for users who want to utilize the power of ChatGPT without the inconvenience of constantly switching between different tabs or applications.

Overall, BrowserGPT provides a seamless and efficient way to access and leverage the capabilities of ChatGPT directly within the browser. Whether you need assistance with reading and summarizing content or composing written text, BrowserGPT can be a valuable tool for improving productivity and enhancing the writing experience.


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BrowserGPT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 11th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Chrome extension
Seamless access to ChatGPT
No need to switch tabs
Reads and summarizes content
Aid in text composition
Increases productivity
Improves writing experience
Automatic email composition
Blog post generation
Integrated within browser
Understandable summaries
Convenient for heavy writers
Directly leverages ChatGPT capabilities
Efficient text transformation
Optimized for Chrome
No application switching required
Minimizes browsing disruption
Assists in understanding articles
Automatically gathers key info
One-click install
Seamless integration with ChatGPT
Dynamic content summarizer
Handy for content creators
Saves time on content creation
Enhances web reading experience
Automates routine writing tasks
Promotes efficient web usage
Tool for enhancing productivity
Convenient content generation tool
Helpful tool for bloggers
Streamlines content writing
Improvement to browsing experience
Boosts writing efficiency
Aids in communication tasks
Streamlined information gathering
Quick summary feature
Content interaction enhancement


Only for Chrome browser
No mobile version
Requires constant internet connection
Limited to text-based tasks
Possible privacy issues
Summarization accuracy varied
Dependent on ChatGPT function
Not efficient for multi-tab browsing
Hard to use offline
Might not handle technical vocabulary


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