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The AI Wingman For Online Dating
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MGAI is an AI-powered tool developed by former Google employees and both dating experts as well as AI experts, as a partnership between Novo AI and bestselling author and former dating app founder Ice White. The tool is designed to be the AI "wingman" for online dating, and uses the bestselling book The Message Game: A Guide To Dating At The Touch Of A Button as its core for how guidance is orchestrated.

It is the first AI wingman that comes with its own book.

The bot can be accessed through the Telegram and Messenger platforms and allows users to send messages to potential dates while receiving feedback and guidance from the AI tool. MGAI users also receive access to monthly webinars to help users improve their Tinder profiles (Tinder Review), Instagram profiles (Instagram Review) and messaging (Message Review). These MGAI Webinars are hosted by dating coach and bestselling author in online dating, Ice White.

MGAI users will also receive a paperback copy of The Message Game, shipped for free, as well as access to the Tinder Profile Checklist and lifetime access to the MGAI Community.

By using MGAI, users can expect to receive personalized advice on what to say, how to say it, and when to say it to increase their chances of success in the online dating world. MGAI provides users with 'suggested responses' as well as contextual advice, based on tens of thousands of references collected from the Message Game project, which consists entirely of screenshots from the perspective of heterosexual men, making the datasets for MGAI extremely high quality.

MGAI also gains hundreds more references every single day, which enabled MGAI to learn approximately every 4 minutes.

The software is designed to review user messages and offer suggestions for improving their communication skills, based on the teachings of the highly rated bestselling book The Message Game. It's worth noting that this tool is not a replacement for human interaction or emotional intelligence.

It is not a magic solution for finding a soulmate. However, it is designed to 'skip the BS' and get dates effectively, and it does come with human dating expert guidance in the form of webinars and community.

Overall, MGAI provides an innovative way to approach online dating through the use of AI technology. With its ability to offer personalized feedback and guidance, this tool is a great resource for anyone looking to successfully dominate the world of online dating, backed by real qualified and tested expert guidance as well as high quality datasets.
MGAI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 23rd 2023.
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User Profile PictureHamza Hitch
ยท Sep 11, 2023
Best on the market
User Profile PictureGus Frank
ยท Jul 23, 2023
Life Saver that makes meeting up with the girls of your dreams a reality.
User Profile PictureIce White
ยท Jul 23, 2023
Comes with monthly Tinder Review webinars, a bestselling book, a community and a Tinder Profile Checklist.

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Pros and Cons


Generates tailored suggestions
Based on bestselling book
Guidance for various scenarios
Offers multiple ideas
Conveniently accessible
Works via Facebook Messenger
Works via Telegram
Adaptable approach
Can handle rejection scenarios
Can handle ghosting scenarios
Navigate online dating confidently
Boost success in online dating
Can produce creative responses
Efficient at idea generation
Customizable responses
Designed for complex dating situations
Promotes engaging responses


Limited to specific platforms
Based on one resource
Tool lacks flexibility
No user data customization
No offline usage
Unsuitable for non-English speakers
Cannot handle complex scenarios
Limited scenario interpretation
No advice based on personality
Responses not user behavior-based


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How does artificial intelligence enhance the functionality of Message Game AI?


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