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Sample prompts:
Find the derivative of f(x) = ln(x + 1)
Explain the causes of World War II
Compare monopoly and oligopoly
Write bubble sort in pseudocode
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Gauth - AI Homework Helper is a GPT designed to offer a comprehensive homework assistance to all users. Its primary function revolves around providing support for a broad range of coursework, with a focus on mathematics.

Powered by ChatGPT, Gauth - AI Homework Helper has an intelligent module that can interpret prompts to assist with everything from finding derivatives in calculus problems, providing insights into historical events, comparing economic concepts, to explaining sorting algorithms in pseudocode.This GPT's goal is to make homework management easier and provide precise, relevant, and insightful help for anyone who has signed up to use it.

This versatile tool understands and responds to complex questions promptly, while providing students a chance to learn, comprehend and explore topics at their own pace.Moreover, it acts as an educational resource tailor-made to address specific questions and provide explanations for each problem, thus stimulating the users' understanding and grasp of subjects thereby enables them to handle their homework more efficiently.This tool requires the more advanced 'ChatGPT Plus' subscription, indicating that it has an extended range of capabilities and potential uses when compared to the base version of ChatGPT.

The Gauth - AI Homework Helper's primary attraction lies in its ability to simulate an interactive homework assistance experience, almost like having your personal tutor available on demand.


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