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FindWise is a personal web assistant tool that allows users to ask questions about anything on any website or document. It works as a browser extension for Chrome, Brave, Microsoft Edge, and Opera.

The tool analyzes the content of the current page and provides an AI-generated answer based on the context, ensuring relevance and accuracy. By using AI-assisted search, FindWise simplifies information discovery by eliminating the need for manual searching and guesswork.Users can ask questions in the context of the website they are currently browsing, ensuring that they receive the right answers in a personalized manner.

The tool aims to save users' time and effort by leveraging machine learning to find the most relevant information for them. It provides a user-friendly experience, making it feel like chatting with a friend.FindWise also offers personalized website search, allowing users to ask questions specific to the current website and receive answers tailored to their needs.

The tool is available as a free browser extension without requiring any credit card information.Overall, FindWise is a helpful tool for individuals who want to quickly find information on the web without having to manually search or guess.

It enhances the browsing experience by providing AI-generated answers in a contextually relevant and personalized manner.

FindWise was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on September 10th 2023.
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