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Learning platform: flashcards, conversations, questions.
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Welcome to Retinello, the future of personalized learning that leverages artificial intelligence to create a customizable and efficient educational experience. Designed primarily for students, Retinello offers a suite of interactive tools to enrich your learning journey.

Imagine creating flashcards tailored to your needs, or let our advanced AI assist you in generating them. Go beyond traditional study methods by generating questions based on topics, text, or even uploaded PDFs. Use these questions to engage with our space repetition system, an intelligent algorithm that optimizes the timing of content review to improve retention rates.

But the innovation doesn't stop there. Retinello introduces the concept of Interactive Learning, a chat-based interface where you can answer questions and receive immediate feedback. Ask follow-up questions or delve deeper into topics, all while expanding your personalized learning library directly within the chat. You can also upload documents and transform them into interactive chats, extracting questions that feed into your growing repository of learning material.

What sets Retinello apart is its dynamic nature. Each interaction you have with the platform offers an opportunity to extend your learning library, making it a continually evolving resource tailored to your educational needs.

Don't miss the opportunity to redefine your educational journey. Join Retinello today and step into a smarter, more interactive learning environment that grows with you.
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Pros and Cons


Interactive learning sessions
Identify unique knowledge gaps
Custom questions for comprehension
Spaced repetition learning
Adapts to user's progress
Transforms text into flashcards
Transforms files into flashcards
Provokes thought through questions
Encourages critical thinking
Fosters lifelong learning
Adaptable learning methods
Promotes deeper understanding
Guides to uncover insights
Chat with uploaded books
Effective knowledge retention
Continuous learning environment
Prepares learners for future
Promotes natural growth
Transforms subjects into flashcards
Cultivates adaptability in learners


No mobile application mentioned
No offline mode indicated
No multi-language support stated
Lack of collaborative learning features
No data export functionality
Limited question creation contexts
No gamification elements
Doesn't mention accessibility features
No calendar or scheduling feature
No user community support


How does Retinello use AI to generate flashcards?
What is the interactive learning feature like on Retinello?
How does the AI Chat on Retinello assist with learning?
Can you explain the spaced repetition learning process on Retinello?
What types of questions does Retinello generate?
How does Retinello focus on critical thinking and adaptability?
What is Retinello's ultimate goal for the learning experience?
How do you convert text, subjects, or files into flashcards on Retinello?
Can you have a personalized conversation with AI on Retinello?
What is unique about the learning systems in Retinello?
How does Retinello adapt to a user's progress for effective learning?
What kinds of subject matter can be used for flashcards on Retinello?
How does Retinello aim to instill a culture of continuous learning?
What is Retinello's approach towards cultivating lifelong learning?
How does Retinello view the relationship between technology and education?
What impact does Retinello aim to have on the global community?
How does Retinello help learners meet future challenges and opportunities?
What type of material is best used for Retinello's spaced repetition learning?
How does Retinello intend to revolutionize future education?
What is the user experience like on Retinello?

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