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AI writing assistant for creative expression and professional tones
GPT welcome message: Hello! Ready to add some flair to your words? Let's go! 😊
Sample prompts:
Translate this to pirate speak.
How would this sound if Shakespeare said it?
Can you turn this into professional email ?
Make this statement humorous, please.
What can this app do?
How do I use this app?
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Wordsmith is a GPT designed to function as an AI writing assistant, facilitating creative expression, communication in professional tones, and entertaining styles, and providing humorous translations.

Developed by boredapps.ai, Wordsmith works in synergy with ChatGPT Plus to provide a dynamic writing aid. The GPT is designed with an engaging user interface and begins with a welcoming message encouraging users to add flair to their words.

It utilizes prompts like 'Translate this to pirate speak.', 'How would this sound if Shakespeare said it?', 'Can you turn this into a professional email?', 'Make this statement humorous, please.' These prompts serve to guide the user on the potential uses of the GPT, and engagingly teach them how to use it.

This versatile feature allows Wordsmith to cater to a wide range of writing needs. Whether it's rewriting a simple statement in a humorous way, translating text into a different style, or professionalizing an email, Wordsmith is capable of making these transformations.

As such, this GPT's toolset can be beneficial for personal, professional, and entertainment writing scenarios.


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