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Build and launch AI apps 5X faster at 1/5th cost
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Unremot is a platform designed to facilitate the integration and deployment of AI and Machine Learning applications. It primarily delivers speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness by allowing users to integrate AI/ML APIs swiftly with minimum low-code or no-code requirements.

Serving as a hub, it offers pre-built and ready-to-use AI/ML APIs from various services like OpenAI, Google Assistant, and Amazon Polly, among others.

To utilize its services, users select an AI API they want to integrate into their product from the APIs available on unremot, followed by authentication via their API private key.

Connection of the user's domain to unremot takes place using a unique URL, significantly minimizing the process duration. The platform's versatility extends to different industries such as Real Estate, Cleantech, Web3 Infrastructure, and Entertainment, playing a key role in launching AI/ML products in these sectors.

Unremot therefore aids developers, startups and businesses in rapidly deploying and scaling modern applications through the seamless incorporation of AI/ML capabilities.


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Pros and Cons


Reduces deployment costs
Minimal coding needed
Access to multiple APIs
Unique URL for domains
Versatile across industries
Selected APIs easily integrated
Authenticates via API keys
Enables rapid application scaling
Assists startups with rapid deployment
Tokenized real estate use case
Web3 carbon credit marketplace example
Decentralized cloud storage usage
Metaverse creation capabilities
Blockchain game development
Metaverse enterprise use cases
Mobile ed-tech app platform
Supports diverse technologies & APIs


Limited pre-built API options
Missing advanced customization features
API key authentication only
Reliant on third-party APIs
No support for direct deployment
Lack of extensive database support
No on-premises version
Limited to specific industries
Requires domain connection
No detailed documentation


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Is Unremot suitable for startups and businesses?
What is the cost-effectiveness ratio on Unremot?
What is the process of authenticating my API access on Unremot?
How does Unremot ensure speed and efficiency?
Can I build and launch my AI apps on Unremot?
Does Unremot support both low-code and no-code?
What is the role of Unremot in the Real estate, Cleantech, Web3 Infrastructure and Entertainment industries?
Can I integrate both OpenAI and Google Assistant APIs using Unremot?
How can Unremot help me in deploying and scaling modern applications?
How is Unremot different from other AI tool integration platforms?
How long will it take to integrate an AI API into my product using Unremot?
How can Unremot contribute to my product scaling?
What unique features does Unremot provide for AI integration and AI deployment?

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